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Impact of COVID-19 on Family Law Matters

Date Posted: April 8, 2021 7:01 am

Impact of COVID-19 on Family Law Matters

If you need family law help after the COVID-19 crisis, you are far from alone. The novel virus has led to many family problems and unprecedented legal questions. A family lawyer in Jacksonville NC can help explain your rights and legal options, as well as how COVID-19 may impact your case involving any of the following:

1. Divorce

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, many courts across the country closed down, which may have created a delay in your case if your complaint could not be filed or if your case was postponed in the interim. If you never filed for divorce, you may be worried about whether a move out of state or out of the county may impact your legal right to file for divorce. A family lawyer can assess your particular situation and determine where you and your spouse are residents to determine the proper location to file for divorce.

2. Child Custody 

COVID-19 has had a major impact on child custody situations. Newly split up parents may not have a child custody order in place and may disagree about arrangements because they do not trust the other parent is taking proper precautions or may subject the family to increase the risk of exposure to the virus. 

Parents with child custody orders in place may still struggle if other parents do not allow for visitation or exchanges as required by the court order. Some parents may have a legitimate concern about their children and may want to modify their existing child custody order to better protect their child. Other parents may be struggling due to stay-at-home orders and risks involved in traveling. Some parents may have difficulty meeting their child custody obligations if they are being required to work extra or a frontline worker. 

3. Child Support and Spousal Support

Along with a global pandemic, the COVID-19 crisis has also caused a recession in the United States. This may lead to more parents being unable to meet child support obligations. Spouses who were previously well-off may now be unemployed and may not be able to make regular spousal support payments. The beneficiaries of these payments may be pursuing enforcement actions against them while the obligated parties may seek a modification of their existing support order to account for the changed circumstances. 

4. Contact an Experienced Family Lawyer in Jacksonville NC 

If your family law case was adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, a knowledgeable family lawyer in Jacksonville, NC can explain your legal rights and protect your interests. While the COVID-19 situation may increase challenges in the family law arena, an experienced lawyer knows the actions that can be taken to minimize conflict while protecting your family. Contact N. Lawrence Hudspeth III, Attorney at Law at (910) 455-9921 to schedule confidential consultation.