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Child Custody in North Carolina Attorney

Date Posted: March 31, 2021 1:12 pm

Child Custody in North Carolina Attorney

Child Custody Services North Carolina

Divorce and separation are hard. They are even tricky if children are involved. From custody arrangement to child support, matters involving children must figure in all talks before court proceedings on the divorce. A child support attorney can help to divorce couples come to the proper arrangement about their child welfare.

A child support attorney is a specialist in family law. They play an essential role during separation and divorce talks and help reach suitable child custody and support arrangements, so parents-children relationships remain intact. They also prepare a consent form on the matter and submit the agreement for ratification by the court.

How is Child Custody Decided in North Carolina?

Couples in North Carolina are encouraged to reach a child custody agreement outside the court. They can do it by themselves or agree to mediation or arbitration. The alternative is to go through the courts. A child custody arrangement should be comprehensive. It must address the child’s unique needs and allow for modifications in the future. Some of the talking points include:

  • The child’s general welfare
  • Medical care
  • Education
  • Religious training
  • Recreational and leisure

Types of Child Custody

In North Carolina, custody of children who are not yet of age after divorce can be physical or legal. Physical custody is where you live with the child; while in lawful custody, you are responsible for making decisions about their life.

In some cases, one parent gets physical custody, and both share in making legal decisions with a visitation agreement for the parent without physical custody. In other circumstances, both parents share physical custody.

The most important thing is that custody decision have to be in the child’s best interest. Divorce and separation disputes can harm the child if not guided by experienced child custody attorneys.

How Can a Child Support Attorney Help You?

Working with a child support attorney is a wise idea. They have experience dealing with such family issues and can help couples negotiate in the best interest of their child. They help settle issues such as:

  • Visitation rights for the noncustodial parent, so both parents maintain an active role in the child’s life.
  • Ensuring the divorce or separation doesn’t affect the child’s school, religion, sports, and recreation life.
  • Ensuring the school. Medical, developmental, diet, and nutritional needs are met according to their ages.
  • Agreements on rules of conduct in each household – from screen time, homework to overnight stays
  • A blueprint for addressing future conflicts
  • Strategies for introducing the child to a parent’s new romantic partner

Larry Hudspeth Child Support Legal Services

Are you going through a separation or divorce involving underage children in North Carolina? Get help negotiating and arranging child custody and support.

Larry Hudspeth is an experienced child support attorney in North Carolina. For years, he’s been helping divorcing spouses keep their personal feelings out of the talks and reach agreements that promote their children’s welfare. Indeed, he has helped many local couples negotiate arrangements and come to an understanding about parenting issues.

He’ll also work to convince the courts that the agreed custodial arrangements are in the child’s best interest, then prepare a consent form for ratification by the courts, making the agreements part of the divorce or separation settlement.

For help, keeping your relationship with your children strong amid a separation or divorce, get in touch with Larry Hudspeth Child Support legal services.