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Child Support Attorney

Date Posted: March 31, 2021 1:11 pm

Child Support Attorney

Child Support Attorney

In North Carolina, setting down child support arrangements is a crucial part of legal separation, especially if minors are involved. These arrangements ensure that the child is financially stable, no matter the outcome of the divorce. Once the divorcing spouses agree about child support, the terms and arrangements become part of the consent order included in the final divorce decree.

Due to their emotional nature, child support cases require the experience and expertise of a Child Custody Attorney to guide the parties involved through the entire process. So, if you are going through a divorce, turn to N. Larry Hudspeth, an experienced and board-certified Family law specialist in North Carolina.

What are the North Carolina Child Support Guidelines?

In North Carolina, the parents must cater to the needs and pay for child support for any children they are not living with. Likewise, any person or parent having custody of a minor has a right to bring an action for child support.

The amount of Child Support paid depends on the North Carolina Child Support Guidelines. The guidelines use a predetermined formula to set the required amount of child support payable. Among the factors that the formula uses to determine the amount of child support include the income of both parties involved and the number of overnights, each party has with the child.

The formula also factors in child care payments, like health, education, and insurance, as they are also essential in ensuring � the best interests of a child.’

Different worksheets are used to ensure that the parties adhere to the North Carolina Child Support Guidelines. These worksheets are available at the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services website. The parties involved should accurately fill these worksheets as the information given aids in determining child support payments.

Child support arrangements begin with the divorcing parties attempting to agree on the amount of child support to pay. However, if they cannot agree, they can proceed to go to court, where they request the court to enter an order for support with the help of a Child Support Attorney.

How can a Child Support Attorney help you?

Applying for and determining child support arrangements is an in-depth and severe process that requires plenty of guidance from an experienced Child Support Attorney. Without the assistance of a Child Support Attorney, the parties involved may face difficulties in modifying errors in calculating overnights, income and deductions from pay, misapplications of health insurance expenses or child care expenses, and other common mistakes that critically affect the final child support figure.

By working with an expert Child Support Attorney, you can create a child support arrangement that is most suitable for you and your family. The attorney will walk with you through the entire process, explaining all the relevant North Carolina Child Support laws and informing you of the various child support plans available, leading you to reach a formal and written agreement favorable to both parties.

A child Support Attorney will also explain all the popular terms used in child support and child custody court matters, ensuring that you understand everything that is going on, allowing you to safeguard your interests and those of the minors involved.

Contact N. Larry Hudspeth for all your Child Support matters.

If you are a parent considering separation and divorce in North Carolina, contact N. Larry Hudspeth III, Attorney at Law in North Carolina. With over 35 years of practicing private family law, he is a competent Child Support Attorney who can represent you in all family law matters involving child support, child custody, spousal support, and division of marital property.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding child support or any other family law issue, feel free to contact Larry Hudspeth today.